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» » » » Cervi-Hit Anatomical cervical support with reinforcement for day and night
Cervi-Hit Anatomical cervical support with reinforcement for day and night
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Cervi-Hit Anatomical cervical support with reinforcement for day and night

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Opening systems

Medical prescription




The excellent support function of the individual anatomical cervical supports gives relief to the cervical spine. The cervical supports can be worn day and night.

CERVI-HIT.’s air-permeable reinforcement element and firm foam quality with high resiliency provide extra support for the cervical spine.



_ Cervical spine distortions (whiplash)

_ Fractures (aftercare)

_ Removal of cervical spine extensions

_ Acute or chronic cervical spine extensions

_ After cervical disc operations

_ For destructive bone processes

_ Rheumatic diseases of the cervical spine

_ After torticollis operations

_ Neurological indications:

_ Vertigo

_ Vertebro-arterial circulation disorders

_ Cervical migraine


Contra- indications

Generally speaking you should see the doctor treating you about the indication and method of wearing an orthopaedic aid and if you have the following conditions :

_ Allergic, inflammatory or lesion-specific skin alterations (e.g. swelling, reddening) of the body areas being treated.

_ Impaired circulation or lymphatic soft tissue swelling.

_ Neurogenically-specific organoleptic and skin trophic disor ders in the body area being treated (sensory disorders with and without skin damage).


So far no consequential incompatibilities or allergic reactions have been reported.



To date, there have been no reports of serious general side effects with proper use and fitting.

Local pressure symptoms and impaired circulation can be prevented with sufficient certainty on an individual basis if allowance is made for any contraindications and with non-restrictive, consistently shaped shaped body fitting.



_ Place the anatomically pre-formed cervical support around the neck.

_ In the front area the grooved chin section serves to adjust the cervical support at the same time.

_ The cervical support can be adjusted individually to the neck circumference using the variable Velcro fasteners at the two ends.



The product is to be used by one patient only.

Improper modifications to the product and/or improper use of the product referred to above exempt the manufacturer from product liability.

You ought to discuss potential reciprocal health risks or other disadvantages with specific treatments that may arise in con nection with the use of the product with the doctor treating you.

For the product to work effectively over a long period, it must not be worn in conjunction with fatty or acidic remedies, oint ments or lotions.


Quality Management System

All SPORLASTIC GmbH products undergo product testing as part of our Quality Management System. However, should you have any complaints about our product, please get in touch with your stockist or directly with us.



Before washing, close the cervical support’s Velcro fastener to prevent other items of clothing being damaged. It is better to wash the cervical support separately using detergent for delicate fabrics. Press the soapsuds through the tissue and foam. Then rinse thoroughly in clear water, squeeze the water out evenly and dry at room temperature.


Cervi-Hit : Collier cervical anatomique avec renfort pour le jour et la nuit article n° 02716


_ The same as in CERVILASTIC ®
_ Support function with relief of the upper spine

_ Relaxation of neck musculature through warm effect
_ Fast recovery process
_ Breathable reinforcement
_ Anatomic fitting form
_ Laryngeal recess

_ Lateral recesses

_Continuously adjustable through


Velcro closure

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