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» » » Rheumatic Self Moulding shoes

Podartis' rheumatic footwear is designed to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, calluses or bunions to walk without pain.


The main feature is the selfmoulding upper. This special upper, made of innovative high tech materials such FlexPell and SetaForm shapes itself around your foot like a glove, protecting it externally without compressing it.

The elasticity of the materials comfortably accommodate any deformation or calluses pronounced, thus avoiding the painful pressure caused by normal shoes. Furthermore, the particular construction with no seams at the points of flexion, allows to delete the annoying and painful internal friction, and to vastly increase the comfort during use.


The rheumatic shoes are also designed to meet the practical needs of the elderly or persons with limited mobility. The opening, in many models, is regulated by a handy Velcro strap and is placed in a forward position compared to normal shoes to ease the wearing and closing with one hand. Also are available various sizes, from M to XL, to ensure the right level of comfort for every type of foot. The shoes are already prepared for the inclusion of a custom orthotics.